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Aims and History
A message from the rector | Aims of the school | History of the school

Earlston High School is a comprehensive, non-denominational, secondary school for pupils from first to sixth year. Earlston is a rural town which stands on the A68 about 35 miles south of Edinburgh.

The other towns in the catchment area are Melrose, St.Boswells, Newtown St.Boswells, Lauder and Gordon. The catchment area also includes the villages of Bowden, Oxton, Darnick, Gattonside and Westruther.

The school roll has risen from 111 in 1965 to the present 903. It is expected that the roll will continue to rise over the next few years. The expected roll by 2009 is 1000.




Message from the Rector

Welcome to the website of Earlston High School. We hope the contents will give you an insight into the activities and values of the school.

Pupils enter Secondary School as children and leave as adults. During this time the school aims to educate young people to the highest standards of excellence to become full, confident and active members of the community. We are committed to a positive learning environment where achieving to our full potential is central to all we do. Academic attainment is obviously important but we also pride ourselves on creating opportunities for participation in a full range of extra curricular activities.

We are proud of the support the school receives from our parents and the wider school community and we do all we can to foster and develop this.

To sum up, our school tries to offer as much as possible to our pupils, and much is expected of our pupils and their parents or guardians. This approach has been successful in the past but we are constantly working on further improvements. If you have a suggestion or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Michelle Strong



The Aims of the School

The History of Our School

In 1877 Two Earlston schools were amalgamated to form Earlston Public School.

Until 1967 The school was a combined Primary and Junior Secondary School.

In 1967 The name of the school was changed to Earlston High School and the secondary department received all pupils from Lauder, Channelkirk,Gordon, Westruther and Hume.

In 1974 The school was upgraded to full 6 year status.

In 1976 Melrose was added to the catchment area.

By 1982 The new extension and the conversion work to the existing buildings were completed.

In 1982 Newtown St.Boswells and St.Boswells were added to the catchment area.

In 1983 Earlston Primary School became a separate school with its own headteacher.

In 2009 Earlston High School moved to new premises.